-How do I liquify my crystalized honey? Simply place your jar of honey in a pot with an inch of water and heat it slowly till you see the sugar crystals disappear. If you wish to liquify more than a few jars, put them in the oven at 170*F for a hour or until it is liquid. Note: It will lose it's raw properties if heated above 120*F.

-How long does my honey stay fresh? Basically forever. Honey will keep in a dry cupboard almost indefinitely. It has been found in the ancient tombs!

-Is this honey infused? The answer is no. All our honey is pure, made by the bees from nectar and pollen of wild Nova Scotia flowers. Bees being mono-floral foragers, they mostly pollinate one flower type at a time. Therefore, we can tell what kind of honey they are bringing in according to which flowers are blooming.

-Is your honey pasteurized? No. Our honey is processed by warming and filtering it. It is still in its raw state.

-What do I do when my candle turns white? Your pure beeswax candle is very likely going to turn whitish on the surface, which is called bloom. To restore its shiny golden color, heat it with your hair drier for a few seconds until it turns shiny again.