Holiday Cheer

May Sunny Acres be your one (and only) stop for Christmas shopping this year! We are bringing to you tidings of great new products just in time for the holiday season!

Our all-new  'Frankincense and Gold' soap is here! Sprinkled throughout with tiny cosmetic glitter, it will make you feel festive as you wash your hands and afterward you may find yourself sniffing that lovely Frankincense perfume.

After many years we finally mastered the art of pouring taper candles. That included buying a new silicone mold that helped turn the task from trying into something more exciting! Dare we say fun?! So we are presenting to you our elegant tapers to bring into your homes coziness for the cold evenings ahead or the romance of a candlelit dinner.

Last but not least, there's one more new candle. It's a tall, fern-laced that will surely call all names of you plant lovers out there. We made this one for you! And maybe, just maybe, this will be the perfect thing for that person you need to buy a gift for

Merry Christmas!


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